Sky Zone

1st floor

969 9663

Guam’s first and only trampoline park elevating Awesome, Healthy, FUN for all!



2nd floor

472 0560

GameStop sells the most popular new software, hardware and game accessories for the PC and next generation game console systems.



1st floor

989 0244

J.Goodman sells afforable quality solar products for an affordable price as well as an assortment of items! 

Memories of Guam


1st floor

473 8888

Memories of Guam is a store where you can customize your favorite memories on a variety of items such as phone cases, stone paintings, mugs, & etc.

Music & Fun


2nd floor

Music & Fun is the place where you can sing your heart out in one of their multiple karaoke booths or beat your friends in arcade games! 



2nd floor

472 0499

Yamaha offers the best selection of guitars, keyboards, drums, music reinforcements and accessories.


Shop NameLocationContact Details
GameStop2nd floor472 0560 | 472 0561
J.Goodman1st floor989 0244
Memories of Guam1st floor473 8888
Music & Fun2nd floor683 1578
Skyzone 1st floor969 9663
The Local Shop1st Floor787 2580
Yamaha2nd floor472 0499
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