Agana Stadium Theatres

2nd floor

479 3459

Tango Theatres continues to bring state-of-art entertainment to Guam by expanding to the Agana Shopping Center!  Watch the latest movie blockbuster film in ultra-comfortable high back chairs by Seating Concepts and all digital Dolby sound formats.

Sky Zone

1st floor

969 9663

Guam’s first and only trampoline park elevating Awesome, Healthy, FUN for all!

Docomo Pacific


2nd floor

688 2273

Docomo Pacific, in Guam and in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), is bringing you closer to friends and family as the region’s leading mobile telecommunications provider.



2nd floor

472 0560

GameStop sells the most popular new software, hardware and game accessories for the PC and next generation game console systems.



2nd floor

472 3558

Giftforia offers the latest trending toys, plushes, collectibles, Pokémon trading cards, and much more!

GTA Teleguam


1st floor

473 2755 | 483 2230

GTA TeleGuam, your complete communication provider! And Guam’s fastest 4G Network!



1st floor

477 3338

iCONNECT™, a local company, is a provider of quality wireless telecommunications products and services in the Marianas in the Western Pacific.



1st floor

922 4000

IT&E is the largest telecommunications company in the Marianas with over 88,000 subscribers on the islands of Guam, Rota, Tinian and Saipan.

MacTech Guam


1st floor

477 6373 | 687 0676

MacTech Guam is the place for quality electronics, video games, gadgets, Mac computers, Apple devices and general nerd stuff.

Memories of Guam


1st floor

473 8888

Memories of Guam is a store where you can customize your favorite memories on a variety of items such as phone cases, stone paintings, mugs, & etc.

Perks by Giftoria


2nd floor

483 1014

Perks by Giftoria brings the Latest, trending accessories, stationaries, and much much more!



2nd floor

478 2011

Playport, an indoor playground, is where children aged 0 to 9 years old can imagine and enjoy the world of play. Playport is not only affordable and conveniently located, it is importantly, safe, clean, and comfortable.

Project Matrix


1st floor

858 5097

Offering the best virtual reality experience in mind. Project Matrix has a variety of virtual reality content for our valued customers to enjoy.



2nd floor

472 0499

Yamaha offers the best selection of guitars, keyboards, drums, music reinforcements and accessories.


Shop NameLocationContact Details
Agana Stadium Theatres2nd floor479 3456 | 479 3459
Docomo Pacific2nd floor688 2273
GameStop2nd floor472 0560 | 472 0561
Giftforia2nd floor472 3558
GTA Teleguam1st floor473 2755 | 483 2230
I-Connect1st floor477 3338
IT&E1st floor922 4000
Mactech Guam1st floor477 6373 | 687 0676
Memories of Guam1st floor473 8888
Perks by Giftoria2nd floor483 1014
Playport2nd floor478 2011
Project Matrix1st floor858 5097
Skyzone 1st floor969 9663
Yamaha2nd floor472 0499