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Agana Marketplace

2nd floor

Agana Marketplace is the urban-bargain place if you want great deals on accessories, clothing, bags and more!

SM Island

1st floor


Welcome to the SM Island Store, everyone’s preferred destination for shopping while you’re in the Island of Guam. Bring home unique and exclusive souvenirs from our wide array of selections, pick up fashion pieces for your day at the beach or just something to wear while you lounge around at the poolside or patio restaurants. We have fashion accessories, bags, and footwear to complement your outfit and suit everyone’s discerning preferences.

Primo Surf


1st floor


Where you can find surf clothing, shirts, tees, swimwear and more. Primo surf has been serving its local community with quality Surf Clothing and Gears from Billabong, Roxy, and more!

Jeans Warehouse


1st floor


As the leading junior fashion store in Hawaii, Jeans Warehouse provides everything from fabulous tops to denim jeans and shorts to shoes to lingerie to accessories – all at the best prices.

Trends GU


1st floor


Sunnies, cell phone cases, and more!! All in one convenient location!

Vince Jewelers


1st floor


Introducing jewelry of the finest craftsmanship, quality and design for a new generation.


Shop NameLocationContact Details
Jeans Warehouse1st floor671.473.5327
Primo Surf1st floor671.472.8118
SM Island1st floor671.475.2825
Trends GU1st floor671.969.2012
Vince Jewelers1st floor671.472.1888
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