1st floor

472 1009

Capricciosa is a family-style Italian dining. Serving the the best pizza and huge portions of pastas!



1st floor

475 2828

Chatime uses freshly brewed tea infused with different natural flavors to make the best bubble tea drink in town!

Chan’s Hotdog


1st floor

Korean style corn dogs coming soon to Agana Shopping Center!



1st floor

475 2667

Maker of the world’s most famous cinnamon rolls, along with plenty of other baked goodies and specialty beverages.

Dr. Kabob


1st floor

479 1555

If you are looking for a tasty, healthy and cost-effective meal, look no further than Dr. Kabob. They have you covered with falafel pita sandwiches, vegetarian plates, and much more!

Fizz & Co.


1st floor

922 3499

Fizz & Co. is bringing back the soda fountain! Burgers, fries, Nathan hot dawgs, shakes, floats, sandwiches, Dreyers ice cream, oh and lotsa fun!!

Panda Express


1st floor

989 7613

From the world-famous orange chicken to  health-minded wok smart selections, Panda Express defines American Chinese cuisine. Its bold flavors and fresh ingredients are freshly prepared, every day.

Pizza Hut


1st floor

477 7716

Pizza Hut has been serving delicious pizza for over 50 years.  With a variety of pizza selections, toppings, pasta, breadsticks, wings, and more!

Poke Seven


1st floor

475 7775

Enjoy various poke bowls, assorted tempura, and many more!



1st floor

472 6698

Pretzelmaker offers an awesome selection of hot, fresh-baked, fresh twisted pretzels, pretzel dogs, freshly squeezed lemonade, creamy blended drinks, and cold beverages all over the world.



1st floor

989 9777

Snowberry is a dessert cafe offering delicious frozen treats!



1st floor

477 0290

Subway is the leading choice for people seeking quick, nutritious meals that the whole family can enjoy.

Sushi Rock


1st floor

475 1110

Come to Sushi Rock and enjoy an outrageously delicious fusion of the freshest, most extraordinary and authentic sushi, seafood, noodles and bento plates.

Taco Bell


1st floor

649 1854

Taco bell is an American chain Mexican fast food feeding the whole family.

Tokyo Mart Express


1st floor

477 6615

Prepared Japanese food: bento, noodle, sushi, tempura to go!

Vitamin World


1st floor

472 2547

For over 30 years, vitamin world has been dedicated to manufacturing superior quality nutritional supplements at prices so competitive that they’re out of this world!



1st floor

475 8800

Wendy’s is best known for their signature square patty. Their menu consists of hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, French fries, chili, baked potatoes, and beverages, including the Frosty line of desserts.



1st floor

475 9595

Yogurtland is the ultimate self-serve frozen yogurt experience where real ingredients make great flavors.


Shop NameLocationContact Details
Capricciosa1st floor472 1009
Chan's Hotdog1st floor472 3452
Chatime1st floor475 2828
Cinnabon1st floor475 2667
Dr. Kabob1st floor479 1555
Fizz & Co1st floor922 3499
Panda Express1st floor989 7613
Pizza Hut1st floor477 7716
Poke Seven1st floor475 7775
Pretzelmaker1st floor472 6698
Signature Coffee Bar2nd floor683 1578
Snowberry1st floor989 9777
Subway1st floor477 0290
Sushi Rock1st floor475 1110
Taco Bell1st floor649 1854
Tokyo Mart Express1st floor477 6615
Vitamin World1st floor472 2547
Von's Chicken1st floor477 3300
477 3320
Wendy's1st floor475 8800
Yogurtland1st floor475 9595
Agana Seoul Mart1st floor969 7830
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